National Multiple Sclerosis Society Sponsorship

ClearPath Business Advisors is a proud sponsor of the National MS Society. We would like to extend our sincere gratitude and thanks to our co-sponsors that annually supported Chris Crawford’s Bike MS: Explore Oregon ride in honor of Chris’ sister Bonnie and the many others that suffer from MS.

Chris Crawford: Why I Ride


I started doing the MS bike ride in 2000 to support my sister Bonnie who has MS. I thought it was a “one and done” type of experience. How so very wrong I was. When you participate in an event like this, you meet and see many people afflicted with a terrible health problem. You see them struggle to move, to walk, to talk. You know that at one point, maybe not too long ago, they were just like you and me. Healthy, fit, active and full of life. Now, their life is sometimes literally about how to get through the day. About how to get out of bed. How to get up and move. How, sometimes, they just don’t want to try – it hurts too much. And dealing with hands that stop feeling – tongues that don’t work – voices that can be unintelligible – failing bowels – aches that are deep and won’t go away – feet that they can’t pick up – drugs that make them feel terrible but that they Hope will help – they Hope will change how they are – they Hope will help them recover who they used to be – somehow.

So, the years since 2000 are about an awakening within me to look beyond my blessed life and see more and do more to help others who aren’t so lucky. It is about Bonnie, but it is about more than Bonnie. It is about Michael, and Kevin, and Lisa, and John and so many others. It is about seeing someone look you in the eye and having them seeing in you a Hope that somehow you can help them. It triggers a feeling inside you that maybe you never felt before – one that I didn’t even understand. A feeling that, even though you can’t imagine why they look at you like that, they see “Hope” in you. And you see Hope in their eyes. Nothing else looks like that – Nothing is as powerful as that – Nothing.

Hope is a crazy concept. Without it, I truly believe we would slowly shrivel and die. Our church pastor Matt said that people can live with many types of loss, even terrible loss. Health, job, home, money, marriage, loved ones. He said people certainly struggle with that type of loss but they can somehow get through it, over time. But he said, and I agree, that if a person loses Hope, then all is lost. Hope is the belief that something we desire is possible. Loss of Hope then means you believe you cannot ever have that thing you want/need. It will never happen. So, someone with a disease like MS, who loses Hope, will give into the disease, stop trying and give up on life. That is a death sentence.

That is why I ride, and will keep riding, as long as I can. With your support, I know we can continue to bring Hope to the lives of those that have MS. Hope that a brighter future is really possible. And by raising money for new research, it really will be true.

Thank you.

– Chris Crawford

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