The ClearPath Team

ClearPath Business Advisors was founded by Chris Crawford, a diversified senior executive with almost 30 years of senior financial, business/operations and acquisition/divestiture experience. His vision was to create a team of multidisciplinary, seasoned executives who could provide businesses with a holistic view into their organizations to help them build and extract maximum value, leading to choices and successful outcomes.

The ClearPath team is comprised of senior consultants who have all run businesses. They not only bring their specific business expertise, but also a pragmatic and big-picture understanding of the issues and challenges facing organizations as they seek to make changes. ClearPath also has a referral network of professionals who provide complementary services (e.g., banking, legal, accounting, HR, benefits).

Your Team of Business Partners


Chris Crawford

Chris Crawford is a diversified senior executive with almost 30 years of senior financial, business/operations and acquisition/divestiture experience. He has held roles as Chief Financial Officer, General Manager, Director of M&A and In-House Legal Counsel, as well as strategic planning and business development.


Patrick Bormann

Patrick Bormann is a diversified senior executive with 30+ years of strong financial, operational and sales management expertise. Throughout his career, Mr. Bormann has held roles including Chief Operating Officer, General Manager, Chief Financial Officer and Vice President of Sales and Distribution.


Mark Stailey

Mark Stailey has 30 years of diversified business experience including strong financial, operational, strategy, sales & marketing, project management, and M&A skills. Mark has held President, C-Level, and Partner roles in technology, financial services, and business consulting firms.

Kevin D'Or

Kevin D’Or

Kevin D’Or is a diversified senior executive with over 30 years of operational and business development experience.

Kevin was the founder and a key member of a number of successful start-up manufacturers in Northern California as well as serving with established global manufacturing organizations.


Lou Parrague

Lou Parrague is a proven business leader who has excelled in Fortune 500, start-up and privately-held companies. His track record demonstrates his ability to impact top line revenue growth while nurturing company culture.


Monica Marino

Monica Marino has been with ClearPath for 5 years, serves as our Office Manager and brings a ray of sunshine to our business. With 15+ years of experience in bookkeeping and accounting, Monica manages our internal accounting needs as well as the accounting for our long standing client, LVJUSD Retired Health Benefit Trust.

ClearPath’s integrity, candor, promptness, patience and sensitivity to our vision was the perfect match for us and our business. I could not more strongly recommend ClearPath Business Advisors to any company.

Douglas Rohn,
Bay Area Veterinary Specialists