What Clients Say About ClearPath

Our company was at a critical part of our life-cycle where, because of organizational challenges, our ability to continue our growth trajectory was in significant jeopardy. Chris and his team were immediately engaged in meeting with all of the principals and key members of our senior leadership team. From these interviews they conducted an exhaustive organizational and financial review that was then translated to strategic options for the reorganization of the company. These issues were not only challenging professionally, but were very personal for all who had contributed to the success of our company…some more than others. Chris prepared and presented his findings and recommendations at our Executive Retreat, spending a full day (and dinner) to deftly present the merits of his plans. He gained participation and ownership of all involved and we were subsequently able to sign a Memorandum of Understanding that Chris drafted to reflect our agreements at the retreat (including compensation, stock, buy-sell agreement, etc.). This has led to an unleashing of our company as we are now ALL laser focused on the execution of our strategic plan our commitment to the path to success.

Dominic Dutra, CEO, Dutra Cerro Graden

Thanks for jumping back in and moving mountains to get this done

Scott Clark, CEO, True Life Companies

I am a little shell shocked but thank you. I could not be where I am today without the help of you and Patrick. Your company has helped our company to grow and prosper. I look forward to many more years of this beneficial relationship!

Claire King, President, Pool Covers, Inc.

Western Rubber & Supply, Inc. hired ClearPath Business Advisors to evaluate our existing sales process and make recommendations to improve the process to help drive sales to significantly higher levels. ClearPath delivered a detailed plan with specific ‘success’ actions based on an extensive interview and discovery process.

The report detailed ways we could change our process to help drive sales. Their report didn’t suggest we spend hundreds of thousands of dollars completely revamping our sales process and sales department. Chris and his team instead laid out a couple of optional plans to help optimize the assets we already had in place making it easy to implement the recommended changes immediately.

We’re well on our way to implementing the changes and look forward to working with the team at ClearPath to drive sales to significantly higher levels. The team at ClearPath delivered on their promise and exceeded our expectations.

Rick MacKirdy, CEO, Western Rubber, Inc.

I work with hundreds of CEOs running companies in every industry… I don’t hesitate to recommend ClearPath when they have to prepare for a major strategic event or simply need some outside counsel. … I’ve always received great feedback on their work.

Paul Witkay, Founder , Alliance of CEOs

This Sale Transaction certainly had its dips and bends, but with a team effort it got done, and that needed to happen. I really appreciated the way you were able to step in today to bring the matter to a conclusion, and am so pleased to see that it got done. Thanks for all your help on this.

Gregory L. McCoy, Partner, Gagen McCoy

The meeting went very well… Extremely positive… Mark has done a masterful job…” Thank you for your Company’s efforts.

Mark Sambrailo, CEO, Sambrailo Packaging

We want to thank the ClearPath team for helping grow Access Information Management over the past four years through almost 20 acquisitions. Due to this growth, we are now ranked in the top ten companies in our industry within the Western United States. We appreciate your work in evaluations, due diligence and helping us close our transactions as well as helping identify two deals we needed to walk away from. We also value the closing process you helped develop for our acquisitions but most importantly, I appreciate the detailed attention and feedback you and your team give to our needs. Without this, we would not have been able to grow so quickly and efficiently.

Dennis E. Barnedt III, President & CEO, Access Information Management

I just want to say THANK You for wanting to be a part of the BWC team!!!! I went home last night thinking how excited I am for our future. I feel that BWC has talented, wonderful people working here and all have the same goal, to work hard, do their best and help BWC grow. What makes me excited for the future is your gift of bringing focus to our group. I love working with you and can’t wait to learn and learn.

Suzanne Methe, Controller, Bishop Wisecarver Corporation

We have worked with ClearPath Business Advisors over the past several years on a variety of assignments. These include an in depth review of our financials for improved budgeting and an outside in look to create increased focus by our sales force. These endeavors have produced very positive and tangible results. We continually evaluate areas of our business to engage Chris as his broad experience brings viewpoints that we might otherwise miss. While we’re all in business to make money, ClearPath’s approach is practical and focused on concrete results, whereby their own success takes care of itself by taking care of their customer; not so novel a thought but increasingly a rare find. It is my pleasure to enthusiastically recommend the ClearPath team to other business owners that will invariably benefit by working with them.

Jim MacDonald, President & CEO, RF MacDonald Company

As a first time business owner taken for a ride by the juggernaut that we created, your experience provided us with the support, skills and strategy that we needed to maximize our market position, profitability and ultimately, the value, of our business. Over a 3-year period, you helped us merge two businesses into one unified entity, professionalized our management systems, provided strategic and business direction, and helped us acquire and retain critical employees, all while growing both revenue and profitability. Then, when we were ready to sell, you quickly helped us become an attractive acquisition target for two national buyers and sold for a premium. Your experience, integrity, candor, promptness, patience and sensitivity to our vision were the perfect match for us and our business. I could not more strongly recommend ClearPath Business Advisors to any company which is looking to ethically maximize the performance, profitability and value of its business.

Douglas Rohn, DVM, ACVS, President & CEO, Bay Area Veterinary Specialists

Our office has worked with ClearPath Business Advisors on many customer projects over the last few years. We have found that ClearPath delivers pragmatic strategic advice. Many business consulting firms develop elaborate plans that end up sitting in a drawer with little to no results. ClearPath works with their customers to develop realistic plans that are implemented and make a difference.

Jim Pease, CPA and Principal, W.H. Mayer Accountancy

ClearPath represented us as Sellers of a Hardware Reseller and Services business when we were approached by a Strategic Buyer. ClearPath prepped our Company for the process, helped clean up historical financials, created the forecast model which was the basis for valuation, prepared the offering package, negotiated the price and terms into a Letter of Intent, facilitated due diligence, referred us to a great transaction attorney and worked with him to help negotiate final terms and complete the transaction. The total cash increase to us as compared to the original offer we received: $1.4 million after tax and $2.2 million pre-tax. Thank You ClearPath!

John Fournier, Seller of Hardware Reseller, Client

We recently purchased a company in Southern California to expand our business. ClearPath Business Advisors was chosen to assist and consult in the negotiation process and to develop a complex corporate structure to make the deal work. I personally worked with Chris Crawford in putting this acquisition together. I would highly recommend Chris and his company to anyone needing assistance in business merger and acquisitions. ClearPath Business Advisors is a company that I feel totally comfortable with in regards to trust, dependability, knowledge and honesty. Their services to Arborwell were a tremendous value and we will continue to look to them for all of our acquisition related needs.

Peter Sortwell, President, Arborwell, Inc.

I want to thank Chris and the ClearPath team for all their hard work. They helped us out in several key areas and in both cases; the work was timely, thorough, and extremely professional. They first jumped in to our rescue with the death of one of our employee stockholders with a buy-back agreement. The issue was very emotional for our company and ClearPath was able to respond quickly and conduct a thorough valuation so that we could put the estate concerns of our employee’s widow to rest. The quality of the valuation was outstanding and far superior to anything we did through our then CPA. It was of real value in this case where we had lawyers involved due to the need of a fair stock price to settle the buy-back agreement. Next they helped evaluate a potential acquisition and possible successor for me. As a family owned business, this was a tricky situation and ClearPath handled it superbly. Chris led both parties through the process with kid gloves and upon conducting the preliminary rounds of the due diligence he had the professional integrity to advise us not to proceed based on economic and business perspectives. I am lucky to have found ClearPath as a resource. I look forward to using you and your company again in the future.

Pamela A Kan, President, Bishop Wisecarver Corporation

All Systems Broadband and TriNet Communications have worked with ClearPath Business Advisors for over two years. We have been extremely happy with the advice and financial expertise that their firm has brought to our company. They have made a definitive positive impact on our companies. I would highly recommend ClearPath Business Advisors to anyone considering their services.

Jason Skeoch CEO, All Systems Broadband , V.P. of Sales & Marketing, TriNet Communications

I want to express my deep appreciation for all that you & your staff at ClearPath have done for me & for my company. I wish I could be in the audience at one of your speeches so I could stand up & publicly acknowledge all of the great results, your professionalism and the fact that you have always come in on time and on budget. You and your team have enabled my wife and me to move 500+ miles away to Southern California and not worry about our company. I am looking forward to many years of great results.

Patrick is doing a fantastic job. My only regret is that we didn’t bring him onboard several years ago.

Bill Pickens, CEO, Pool Covers Inc.