ClearPath Sales Management Services

Grow Revenue and Optimize Sales Operations

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ClearPath provides sales management consulting to help businesses grow revenue and optimize sales operations for both inside and outside sales teams.  Key areas of focus are building and guiding sales teams; identifying growth obstacles and opportunities; defining and implementing processes to support sales organizations; and bridging communication gaps that negatively impact sales.  Through extensive interviews as well as analysis of sales data, ClearPath identifies issues and works with the Executive and Sales teams to create sustainable solutions that will deliver results today and moving forward.

  • Build and Guide Sales Teams
  • Recruiting
  • Identify Growth Obstacles and Opportunities
  • Define and Implement Sales Processes
  • Bridge Communication Gaps
  • Mentoring Current VP Sales
  • Recurring Roles – Interim or Recurring part-time VP Sales

Western Rubber & Supply, Inc. hired ClearPath Business Advisors to evaluate our existing sales process and make recommendations to improve the process to help drive sales to significantly higher levels. ClearPath delivered a detailed plan with specific ‘success’ actions based on an extensive interview and discovery process.

Rick MacKirdy, CEO, Western Rubber, Inc.