ClearPath Value Realization Program

Preserve, Build and Extract Maximum Value from Your Business

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ClearPath’s core business motto is to help you Preserve, Build and Extract Maximum Value from Your Business.

ClearPath helps businesses identify and realize increased value by adding, removing and optimizing products, services, processes and people.  The ClearPath Value Realization Program (VRP) assesses a business or business area, holistically to determine what is working, what is not and what can be changed to materially improve performance across the organization.  Through the application of this program, ClearPath helps businesses identify and realize increased value by adding, removing or optimizing products, services, processes and human resources.

The VRP includes 3 major components — a cross-sector assessment and evaluation of the company’s current state, a blueprint showing an optimized future state of where the business could be, and a roadmap for how to get there. These tools provide key decision-makers with the necessary insights and intelligence to see untapped opportunities, ways around bottlenecks or obstacles, and a vision of how to build sustained and growing value over the long term.

The Value Realization Program can be delivered by focusing on any one of a series of critical areas or packaged together in a comprehensive offering:

  • Overall business
  • Sales
  • Finance
  • Operations
  • Product development and introduction
  • Business transformation and strategic execution
  • Exit strategy planning and valuations
  • M&A – buy and sell side transactions

A critical component of ClearPath’s Value Realization Program is our ability to determine costing of company processes to allow clarity as to business segment profitability.  Insights gained here help the company optimize its pricing, identify low profit products and services, clearly define and cost out all services offered to its customers, isolate legacy costs that often cloud the CEO’s view of accurate product/service line profitability, identify business segments that should be considered for exit or higher priority focus and maximize overall company performance and value.

VRP helps the Owners and the CEO understand how to Preserve, Build and Extract Maximum Value from Your Business.  The proof is in our performance:

        ClearPath’s clients have experienced an average 3.3x value increase over the course of their
        relationship with ClearPath (an average term of 4.2 years)

Insights from the Value Realization Program, presented in a report as well as visually through process maps, provide clear direction for how to turn strategic initiatives into actionable tactics.  The report delivers detailed documentation about the information gathered during interviews and research.  Process mapping offers a unique view of this information by diagraming to clearly show how the business operates, identifying where competitive advantages lie, establishing underperforming segments and providing a blueprint for next steps.  This visual representation provides not just clarity and validation, but also easy access to complex data and analysis, making it easy to identify areas that need change and/or improvement to enhance the overall value of the business.

The Value Realization Program differs from assessments done by other business consultants, because:

  • All interviews, research, process mapping and reporting is done by multidisciplinary teams of senior experts who engage in interactive discussions and customize their approach to fit your situation, not just follow a pre-defined theoretical program.
  • Deliverable is not just strategic direction, but a map to guide execution of related tactics.
  • Information is provided in traditional report form as well as graphically to make key information easy to consume quickly.
  • The program can be used to evaluate either the current or future state of the business as a whole or a specific area (e.g., sales).
  • Ties financial performance with business process for a clear understanding of where the company makes it money and where additional value can be added.
  • The entire orientation of the Value Realization Program is to Build and Extract Maximum Value from Your Business.

All Systems Broadband and TriNet Communications have worked with ClearPath Business Advisors for over two years. We have been extremely happy with the advice and financial expertise that their firm has brought to our company. They have made a definitive positive impact on our companies. I would highly recommend ClearPath Business Advisors to anyone considering their services.

Jason Skeoch CEO, All Systems Broadband , V.P. of Sales & Marketing, TriNet Communications