Ask Yourself These 3 Questions Before You Send That Job Offer

Hiring the right people is one of the most important things you can do to help create a healthy business. The right people strengthen your culture and the wrong people destroy it. As Peter Drucker said, “Culture eats strategy for lunch.” 

With the introduction of new recruiting tools, some of the heavy lifting in the recruiting process has been simplified and automated. Its not inconceivable to post a job on Monday, screen candidates on Tuesday, video interview on Wednesday, check references on Thursday and finalize an offer on Friday. The speed at which this can happen can distract us from the fundamental elements of a good recruiting strategy.

Question #1 – Is my organizational structure correct?

It starts with making sure that the structure you’re looking to bring a new person into is optimal. Shifting priorities and markets may mean that the role you’re looking to fill is no longer needed. Instead of replacing that inside salesperson who just got promoted, perhaps recent improvements in your process mean that you really need to hire an outside rep. The big red flag continues to be when you hear someone say, “That’s how we have always done it.”

Question #2 – Am I really clear about what skills this person needs to have?

Before you start to review or create that job description, make sure you have given thought to the skills that the perfect candidate will have. The same job title at your company may have wildly different skillset requirements than at the company down the road. Don’t fall into the trap of creating a job posting that simply lists the skills of the prior occupant of that seat. Ask your team and those who will work with and support this position what they think are the required skills. 

Question #3 – Does this person pass the “Beer and BBQ test?”

Core value fit is perhaps the most important element of a great hire. Even if you don’t like beer or BBQ, ask yourself this question anyway.  The first half of the question is best described as “Would I want to go out for a beer with this person?” What we’re really asking is do you feel like there is a personal connection with this person and would you enjoy spending time with them. This is a real gut check and if you’re not sure what your answer is, take a pause and try to understand where your concerns are coming from. The BBQ part of the test is “Can I picture this person fitting in at a company BBQ?” This is another way to ask yourself if the candidate feels like a core values match with the existing team.

Obviously, these 3 questions are in addition to your existing, carefully crafted interview questions that are intentional and “gimmick free.” Be sure to execute all the steps of your recruiting process without cutting corners. Getting the right people on your team will continue to be one of the most important things you can do and these 3 questions should be in your toolbox.  

Ask Yourself These 3 Questions Before You Send That Job Offer

Dan Michie is a Senior Vice President at ClearPath Business Advisors. ClearPath helps business owners create a healthy, sellable business whether you plan to sell or not.