We Assess What’s Important To You In Your Business

You have many questions about your business, including your:

  • Financial Viability: Would your company be able to weather an economic downturn?
  • Organizational Health: Do you have the right strategy setting process, with the right people all communicating in a consistent way to drive results?
  • Company Salability & Value: What is your company worth, how can you grow it, and would you be able to sell it?

Your path to creating a healthy, sellable business whether you plan to sell or not, starts with our ClearView Assessment (SM)

  • ClearPath’s ClearView Assessment(SM) is a comprehensive yet customized assessment of the financial, operational and organizational state of your business today, its future prognosis and the most important factors to prioritize and activate over the near term
  • ClearPath’s ClearView Assessment(SM) utilizes ClearPath’s own series of business, financial and organizational analysis tools, is interactive and will emphasize those areas most important to you.
  • Included in our findings and recommendations is ClearPath’s Value ScorecardTM. The Value ScorecardTM summarizes the quantitative and qualitative elements that most greatly affect the current and future value of your business.

Through our analysis, we will identify the most important initiatives to focus on in the near term to get the most immediate results for the objectives you’ve defined