Buyside M&A

Growing your business by buying other companies shouldn’t interrupt your normal duties. Our buy-side M&A services connect you with only the best-fit options and guides you through the entire buying process.

Our Approach

Buying a company is a time-consuming, expensive, and often risky proposition if you do not have the right expertise. ClearPath provides owners options for smart financial investments and can run the entire buy-side process, or jump in at a specific stage into to support your current M&A strategy.

Common scenarios where ClearPath is called to help:


Experienced in-house M&A professionals who need additional support

An M&A team that can run the process after an ideal target is found, but needs our support finding targets, screening then, and doing initial diligence.

An seasoned business leader who needs to add a specific capability or expand in geographic area

These leaders may have some prior M&A experience, but they recognize their time is valuable. They bring in professional M&A advisors like ClearPath to help throughout the transaction.

A midsize business with a goal to become a large company

Businesses that are growing through a “rollup” strategy and need a dedicated M&A team to execute dozens of transactions over time.

An owner who has found targets but needs help navigating the process

Owners often have a specific acquisition opportunity in mind, but need a professional team to identify hidden risks through due diligence, make sure they are not overpaying, and help structure the transaction.

Transaction Leadership and Support at any Stage

We have the skill and experience to jump in at any stage of a buyside transaction:

  1.   Creation of acquisition strategy
  2.   Identification of target criteria
  3.   Target business identification and outreach
  4.   Initial qualification, due-diligence, and preliminary valuation
  5.   Initial offer negotiations and formal indication of interest (IOI)
  6.   Additional due diligence, target valuation revisions
  7.   Revised offer and letter of intent (LOI)
  8.   Comprehensive due diligence and quality of earnings as needed
  9.   Integration and communication strategy support
  10.   Coordination of purchase documents and negotiation with CPAs and legal advisors
  11.   Ongoing post-buy integration support

Our Track Record

ClearPath has a proven buyside track record, helping in over 87 transactions and finding and assessing hundreds of opportunities for clients. ClearPath has been the buyside advisor to large multi-national corporations, multi-billion dollar private equity firms, & numerous midsize businesses.