Candy Wang

People Strategy and Hiring Specialist

As a People Strategy and Hiring Specialist, it didn’t surprise me to learn that I am a Persuader. I am enthusiastic, understanding, extroverted, and enjoy working with people. I am fast-paced, like to take initiative and also enjoy collaborating with others. The PI assessment helped me understand my strengths as well as weaknesses. One insight I gained from the assessment is that I can sometimes be impatient for results, which can cause me to miss details and overlook routine tasks. Overall, I am a risk-taker and team-builder who likes to motivate people.

Candy Wang completed her undergraduate education at Chapman University with a B.A. in Psychology and B.A. in Communication Studies. Although Candy started her career in business development and sales, she always had a keen interest in psychology. This led her to pursue Industrial Organizational Psychology, a field she found to be the perfect blend of her two passions. Candy is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Industrial Organizational Psychology at San Francisco State University.With a passion for leveraging psychology to enhance workplace environments, Candy is dedicated to improving employee well-being and driving organizational development to help make organizations a better and healthier place for all. Candy is Talent Optimization and PI Certified and is experienced in applying research-based insights and data-driven approaches to tackle workplace people issues. Currently, Candy is also working on her thesis, focusing on the critical issue of job burnout.

When she’s not working, Candy loves exploring new restaurants, cooking and baking recipes, and staying active by working out and going on hikes. Candy is also a proud cat mom and true crime show fanatic.

Certifications & Credentials

B.A. in Psychology

B.A. in Communication Studies

M.S. in Industrial Organizational Psychology (2nd year)

The Predictive Index Certified

Talent Optimization Certified