Preparing A Middle Market Business For Sale or Succession

Preparing a Middle Market Business for Sale or Succession—Webinar ClearPath Business Advisors, California Bank Of Commerce and Donahue Fitzgerald Attorneys give their insight of what it takes to prepare for a middle market business to prepare for sale. Hear the different points of view from firms, banks and advisors. In this webinar we discuss preparing

Implementing a Covid-19 Recovery Plan with Orion Strategic Planning and Execution

In 2017, ACP began working with ClearPath Business Advisors to implement the Orion Strategic Vision and Execution Program. ACP’s leadership team leveraged Orion to weather several complex challenges, ensuring the business was well prepared when COVID-19 struck. ClearPath’s Orion Program has helped position ACP with a clear plan for success as the world emerges from

Attracting Senior Talent for a Values Driven Company

ClearPath believes that hiring the right people is essential to ensuring the sustainability, scalability, and overall success of a business. At times, we may run into unique challenges with individual clients whether it be their size, location, industry, etc. In the attached case study, we worked with a client who is in a competitive industry and had a limited local talent pool. We outline the challenges faced, the steps ClearPath took, and the ultimate solution of successfully placing two employees who were a great fit for the family-oriented business.