CFO and Accounting Services

Our CFO and Accounting services are tailored to your needs with no minimum engagement or long-term commitment. Whether you want one of our skilled part-time CFOs with real-world M&A experience to help you grow, or just need help understanding the profitability of different business segments – we’ve got you covered.

CFO Services

A Chief Financial Officer (CFO) shows you how day-to-day operations impact the financial performance of your company and where to improve. They accomplish this by tracking operational metrics that link to your financials, clarifying your financial statements, making forecast and budgets, analyses of new opportunities, setting appropriate compensation for your people, and weigh options for debt and equity financing.

All our CFO engagements begin with a business assessment first. The assessment creates visibility in multiple areas of your business without any obligation for additional work.


Our CFO Services help answer questions like:

  • How can I prepare my business for the next economic downturn?

  • How do I forecast and manage my cash flow?

  • How can I better prepare for my annual CPA audit or review?

  • Which parts of my business are the most profitable?

Current and Former Clients

Cash Flow Improvement

When faced with a cash crunch, you are in survival mode and not able to make the best strategic decisions. Worse still, without cash on hand, you can’t pay your vendors, employees, lease obligations, or bank debt. In this situation, it can feel like you are no longer in control of your own business.

Our Cash Flow Improvement services help address questions like:

  • My business is running out of cash, how can I turn it around?

  • How can I make plans when my business has uneven cash flow?

  • I need to invest in equipment or inventory, but how do I know if I can afford the payment?

  • My accountant says my business is profitable but we are always out of cash - why?

82% of business failures are due to poor cash flow management!

ClearPath has never lost a client that relied on us for ongoing cash flow forecasting.

During the Covid-19 pandemic our clients were armed with our forecasting tools which allowed them to make the best decisions for their businesses.

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