Debt Financing

Business owners frequently worry that banks might leave them behind during tough times, or are only going to support the business when things are going well. Alerting a bank when performance is poor can be a hard topic to navigate, especially when you need to renegotiate terms. At the same time, businesses can put their banker in a tough spot if there is a surprise covenant violation.

Our Approach

At ClearPath, we manage debt financing like any other transaction – we create a competitive process by showcasing the strengths of the business. We communicate openly and clearly with all parties, addressing problems head-on while creating the best deal for our client.

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Our Step by Step Process

  1. Meet with you to identify your financial needs and goals
  2. Concentrate on the positive selling points for your business
  3. Build a list of lenders who fit your industry, financial condition, and financing goals
  4. Create an informational package to deliver to lenders
  5. Provide information and answer questions from lenders so they can issue a Term Sheet
  6. Review the the lenders Term Sheets with you and negotiate key terms
  7. Determine ways to reduce costs, create more lenient terms and more flexibility next time you raise debt

At all times, we communicate clearly and professionally with both you and your lender(s). We know from experience that providers of debt financing hate surprises, so we take a proactive approach.

Our Track Record

ClearPath Business Advisors believes that business owners should build a healthy, sellable business whether they plan to sell or not.

As former CEOs, CFOs, and other executives, we understand the levers that drive value for businesses, and the obstacles that get in the way of increasing that value. When combined with our significant M&A transactional expertise, we provide an outside investor’s point of view.

Your path to a healthy, sellable business is waiting for you. Let’s walk it together.