Exit Strategy Services

Finding the Right Exit

ClearPath helps business owners maximize their value and discover intelligent and purpose-driven pathways to smart exits. From finding the perfect prospective buyers to identifying exciting and meaningful exit strategies, we provide end-to-end exit services.

Chances are your business is your most significant asset, which means your exit will be your most significant transition of your life. At ClearPath, we understand how personal your business has become. Our team of experts help you align your exit with your personal goals and family needs, all through a caring and results-driven approach.

By utilizing our painted picture and salability assessment we can identify what is the right strategy for you and your business and what short term and long terms options look like. Common strategies include:

Build The Business

In some cases it makes sense to continue to run and build the business over the next 3-5 years in order for you to obtain your desired value.

Hold On To The Business

Building the management team up and letting you slowly walk out with confidence in your team. Allows you to exit the business and be involved as little or as much as you desire.

Internal/Employee Sales

Owners that are looking to reward long time employees and keep the business legacy alive. Common options under these strategies are:

  • ESOP – Employee Stock Option Plan, where all employees benefit from the growth and value of the company
  • Popeye – a way for employees to buys stock and ownership % goes up by company buying out the principle
  • Stock appreciation rights (SARS)- way for management or employees to realize the gain from the growth of the business without being an owner of the business

Full or Partial Sale

To a strategic or financial buyer, this option can range from a complete sale, where you walk away completely from the business, to a roll-up, where you continue to retain some ownership and stay involved in the business.

Our network of connections, and rich financial experience, help you find the right solution for you and your business. Whether you plan to expand, merge, step back or sell your business, our core values deliver on our mission: building healthy, sellable businesses through trusted relationships, not transactions.

Finding New Growth

Our exit services can also help you find new growth pathways. ClearPath identifies market strengths and weaknesses to better position your company for a future exit. By planting seeds early, you can maximize the value of your exit decades down the line. Jump-start your legacy by discovering your value-drivers and value-detractors early in your business lifecycle.

Businesses use our Exit Strategy services to:

  • Drive growth through better market understandings
  • Discover acquisition opportunities
  • Position your business to enjoy cash flow streams with a less active daily role
  • Optimize products and services to improve future exit valuations

Let’s help you find the perfect exit,
whether it’s today, tomorrow, or decades from now.

ClearPath Aligns Its Services Around You

People are part of our DNA. All of our services align around you: to find the perfect solution for your unique needs. Our goal is to find the ideal exit that is centered around your lifestyle, your family, and your passions. ClearPath crafts business plans centered around those needs. From helping you find the right succession plan for your business to helping you secure long-term, value-centric growth, we want what’s best for you.

1. Schedule a Call

We’ll hear from you about your goals, what you’re looking for, and help determine which steps to take next. We’ll be the guide and you stay in the driver’s seat.

2. Develop a Plan

Our hyper-customized plans for M&A allow us to move intentionally and with focus. Whether you’re trying to leave a legacy or start something new and exciting, we’ve got your best interests in mind.

3. Celebrate a Spectacular Deal

At the end of it all, a spectacular deal is waiting for you. We’ll celebrate with you and help you transition into the next part of your life with ease.