Hyperion Capital Partners Acquires A Plus Tree Service

ClearPath Business Advisors is pleased to announce that A Plus Tree has been acquired by Hyperion Capital Partners

Vallejo CA – October 10, 2022 –Effective October 3rd, 2022, A Plus Tree, Inc. has been acquired by Hyperion Capital Partners for an undisclosed amount.

A Plus Tree is a tree-care company serving multi-family properties, utilities, municipalities, and HOA clients throughout northern and southern California, as well as Washington, Utah, and Oregon. Headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, the Company prides itself on being a leader in both sustainability and technology via its in-house repurposing and recycling programs and proprietary technology. The Company was founded in 2002 by the late Jeremy Tibbets, using the tagline “Not your average tree service”. Now led by CEO Cyrus DeVere, the Company remains true to its founder’s vision.

The partnership will allow A Plus Tree to continue to scale and expand its operations. “I feel an enormous sense of pride and gratitude to everyone at A Plus. Since taking over as CEO in 2017, I’ve been humbled to lead such a special group of people. Jeremy left an indelible mark on me and everyone at this Company. As we move forward with our exciting partnership with Hyperion, A Plus will continue to honor his memory by serving our customers and community with Love and Respect. There are even more great things to come.”, says A Plus Tree CEO Cyrus DeVere.

“My journey with A Plus Tree started more than ten years ago with its founder, Jeremy Tibbets,” remembers ClearPath CEO Patrick Bormann. “Serving as CFO and strategic financial advisor to the Company, I’ve watched its revenue grow more than 37x and its customers and team members flourish under Cyrus’ strategic leadership. A Plus Tree is the perfect example of ClearPath’s thesis: business owners and executives should build healthy, sellable businesses whether they plan to sell or not. Over the past decade, it has been our privilege to protect Jeremy’s family and legacy, and to work alongside so many great people at A Plus. We are excited to see what comes next for A Plus Tree.”

ClearPath Business Advisors served as the exclusive financial advisor to A Plus Tree on this transaction.

About A Plus Tree

A Plus Tree is a tree care company, serving primarily multi-family properties, utilities, municipalities, and HOA clients throughout Northern and Southern CA, WA, UT, and OR, with its headquarters in the San Francisco Bay Area. The Company prides itself on being a leader in both sustainability and technology via its in-house repurposing and recycling programs, and development of its proprietary web and mobile applications, respectively. The Company today has professional leadership in place to scale the Company both organically and by acquisition. Founded in 2002 by late Jeremy Tibbets, using a yellow-pages and the tagline “not your average tree service,” it remains true to its founders’ vision. The Company aims to be more than just a tree company. The Company is certified and accredited with TCIA, Arborculture, CTSP, and Golden Shovel. Corporate compliance, team member safety, and customer excellence are some of A Plus Tree’s strongest organizational competencies. The Company’s mission is to “Serve with Love and Respect.” 

About Hyperion

Hyperion Capital Partners is an operationally focused private equity firm that establishes and utilizes partnerships with management to produce substantial long-term value. Hyperion specializes in control-oriented investments in small- and medium-sized businesses across North America. Hyperion takes a concentrated investment approach, dedicating more resources to fewer investments and allowing for additional focus by its Partners.

Hyperion’s returns are maximized not by relying on financial leverage but by providing portfolio company management with the capital, strategic mentorship, and operational guidance necessary to support growth and profitability. This constructive approach creates enduring value for our investors, management, employees, and stakeholders.

About ClearPath

ClearPath Business Advisors is a multi-faceted, high-end consulting and advisory firm delivering on our perspective that business owners should build a healthy, sellable, business whether they plan to sell or not. Everything that builds a sellable business creates a stronger business and a more balanced life for its leaders and teams. Since 2000, ClearPath has closed over 187 M&A transactions and served over 460 clients across a variety of industries.

We are also a firm with a heart, guided by our core values in creating high value for our clients while delivering on our promise of being a different type of consulting and advisory firm. We lead with our core values of Integration, Convergence, Service, and Every|One.

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