M&A Advisory Services

Why Our Clients Appreciate our Approach.

At ClearPath, we combine real-world day-to-day business experience – leading and running companies – with M&A transaction experience. We also have CPA and legal expertise. As business owners who are buying or selling, we have truly been in your shoes. We have been shareholders who sold their business, acquired companies, and dealt with the reality of day-to-day business challenges and up and down economic cycles you’ve dealt with. We know the reality of designing AND executing a business strategy, just like you. We know that what you’ve planned for tomorrow won’t necessarily happen exactly as expected. We understand the reality of adjusting and changing on the fly, and the difference between being reactive and proactive.

We know how personal it is. We believe our practical business experience and certifications, combined with our significant M&A transaction experience, all guided by our core values, will deliver better results for you.

Investment Banking

You might be exploring your banking options if

  • You are looking to grow your company and need an investor that can grow with you.
  • You’ve thought about merging with another company.
  • Your curious of how to invest in your company to increase its value

Salability Assessment

To create a Salability Assessment, we leverage decades of strategic business expertise, deploy a multi-faceted financial & organizational health engagement team, and utilize proprietary valuation scenario analysis algorithms.

  • A Salability Assessment gives you a comprehensive understanding of where your business stands financially, your organizational health, and the current net worth of your company.
  • Your Salability Assessment will dive into “what if” scenarios and how to pivot your business during hard times.

A Salability Assessment tells you whether your firm is ready to sell, a range of values that it might sell for, and lays out a clear, actionable plan to address opportunities and weaknesses that stand between your Company and maximum value. As a business owner, you should be able to confidently know what your business is worth and the potential growth that is possible.

Stand Alone Valuation

You might be looking for a valuation if you are interested in knowing if your business is worth enough for you to retire.

  • A valuation report provides the information you need for tax and financial reporting requirements, equity-based compensation, or to see how you compare with other businesses in your industry
  • A valuation of your company also serves as a starting point on your path to a more healthy, sellable business
  • ClearPath has the strategic experience and financial expertise needed to help you increase company value, whether you decide to sell or not

ESOPs, companies with equity-based compensation, and companies using SBA loans for business acquisitions all require a valuation for financial and tax reporting purposes.
If you have thought about adding equity-based compensation to your business, a valuation is the best way to determine what your company and its shares are worth. Often, business owners are unaware that their business is worth much more than the cost of its assets.
Every business owner should know what their business is worth. Even if you do not need a valuation right now, you may wonder how to increase the value of your business and what you can do to appeal to buyers, bankers, and other investors.

At ClearPath, we can deliver a valuation report as well as insight into the key value-drivers you need to build a more valuable company.

Exit Strategy

ClearPath Business Advisors has worked with several CEOs in a variety of industries and have revealed several exit options.

  • As an owner, one thing to consider as you think about retirement is “what are my exit options?”
  • If you’re looking to grow your business by merging with smaller partners, you’ll need to get a full view of what it means for your industry.
  • As an owner you want to be able to create a healthy, sellable and competitive business to receive the maximum value. ClearPath has established techniques to ensure maximum growth for the timeline that works best for you.