M&A Advisory

As a CEO or business owner, you might have an idea of your exit strategy, but haven’t fully defined it. You might recognize an opportunity as a reaction to an outside party’s interest. Or you might realize you do not have a clear succession plan. Sometimes, you just get tired. More often than not, business owners like yourself do not proactively plan an exit strategy that is optimized to their personal interests.

We know these challenges intimately and we’ve worked with over 300 CEOs just like you to define and implement an exit strategy that is right for you. In fact, ClearPath has advised on nearly 200 successful M&A transactions to date, with almost 90% of the companies we work with resulting in successful transaction. We’ve helped another 150 business owners transition without selling. Sometimes owners just want to work less, or back away. Regardless of your objective, we can help you transition to whatever is next for you.

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Successful M&A Transactions

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And, while M&A is core to what we do at ClearPath, we do not approach such engagements as typical investment bankers. We are not transactional or focused on the short-term. Rather, we lead with what is best for you, on the timeline that you desire. And we focus on the business first.

M&A transaction experience
CPA and Legal credentials
Experience designing AND executing business strategy

At ClearPath, we combine real-world day-to-day business experience – leading and running companies – with M&A transaction experience. Then we add in CPA and Legal credentials. As business owners who are buying or selling, we have truly been in your shoes. We have been shareholders who sold their business, acquired companies, and dealt with the reality of day-to-day business challenges and up and down economic cycles you’ve dealt with. We know the reality of designing AND executing a business strategy, just like you. We know that what you’ve planned for tomorrow won’t necessarily happen exactly as expected. So, we know the reality of adjusting and changing on the fly, and the difference between being reactive and proactive.

In other words, we know what you are going through and we want to help you achieve what you want, not just react to what comes your way. We know how personal it is. We believe our practical business experience and certifications, combined with significant M&A transaction experience and all guided by our core values, will deliver better results for you.

And speaking about our Core Values, we donate 25% of the success fees earned on M&A transactions to charities of your choosing.