Providing Manufacturing Business Owners Answers to Questions:

How can I better predict my supply and demand?

What can I do to create a more sustainable and scalable business?

What are the key performance indicators that drive the long term success of my business?

How can I successfully grow my business or how can I successfully exit my business?

Our clients in the manufacturing industry, come with a unique set of financial, operational and strategic needs. ClearPath can assist with accurate forecasting, supply change management, accurate costing for finished goods and accurate work in progress reporting. Being able to learn which parts of your business are performing better than others is key and scenario planning is crucial during unprecedented times. Your company will be able to whether any storm with planning and strategies we establish together.

ClearPath’s process-mapping approach allows your operational, financial, sales, and leadership teams to grow, identify strengths and weaknesses of the existing process, and establish actionable items to enhance your productivity.

Should you decide to grow, scale back, or exit your business ClearPath with be there each step of the way:

  • Starting with assessing your company, we will work together to determine your business’ health and value baseline and provide you with a prioritized roadmap that incorporates your long-term vision for value creation and/or an eventual exit.
  • Once key-value enhancers and detractors are identified, we address issues through targeted projects focused on building a healthy, sellable business.
  • Finally, with our experience and network in M&A and exit planning, we will provide guidance throughout our relationship whether you wish to hold and grow, eventually step back from your business, or, if desired, help you execute a sale transaction.

Why Choose ClearPath?

As former CEOs, CFOs, and other executives, we understand the levers that drive value for businesses and the obstacles that get in the way of increasing that value. Our insights, recommendations, and hands-on delivery are driven by this expertise and guided by our core values of Integration, Convergence, and Service.

ClearPath is a different type of advisory firm, and how we approach philanthropy is different as well. We donate 25% of the success fees earned on M&A transactions to charities of our client’s choosing. In addition, we donate a healthy portion of our consulting fees to non-profit organizations every year, often in partnership with our clients.