Natalie Partida

Business Development Coordinator

Natalie Partida Bio

My Predictive Index
“As a marketing professional I wear many hats, and as venturer I am able to easily adapt to the variety and change which shows when I am pulled into new projects. When learning about my PI one of the coaching tips was to reflect on situational urgency. This was super helpful to be aware of since I tend see every project as urgent. Knowing what I needed to improve on has help me prioritize my projects more efficiently”

Natalie joined ClearPath in 2020 and comes with 9 years of experience in digital marketing and lead generation. Natalie holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Marketing & Corporate Management from Cal State University of East Bay. One of the projects Natalie assisted on from the start was re-branding our website, making it more user-friendly for our clients. Before Natalie joined ClearPath Business Advisors she worked in the outdoor industry building relationships with athletes to endorse products, a manufacturer of holistic remedies for children, and in her most recent role rebuilt the website and branding for a company in the recruiting industry. Though each project came with a unique target audience Natalie was able to utilize her knowledge of marketing, grow the business’ digital foot and provide productive leads to her teams.

In her spare time, Natalie enjoys spending as much time as she can outside hiking, fishing, wine tasting and making memories with her two young daughters. Born and raised in the Bay Area Natalie enjoys watching the Warrior, Giants and SF Niners bringing home wins.

B.S. in Marketing and Corporate management from Cal State University of East Bay

❝What I enjoy most about ClearPath is, no matter what level you are at with the company new ideas and feedback is always welcomed. ClearPath is always looking to grow as a company and I love that they are so receptive to new exciting ways to do things. We have really created a warm welcoming culture internally that radiates all the way down to our clients.❞