Organizational Effectiveness and Development

Companies often face challenges like declining productivity, low morale, and high turnover rates, hindering their progress. We’ll let you in on a secret, if you are not getting the business outcomes that you anticipated getting with your strategy, the reason typically has to do with people problems. A company’s biggest asset is its employees, yet many businesses fail to analyze their people strategy like they do the other parts of their business. But, just as financial data guides business decisions, people data can help you leverage your workforce effectively. Failing to measure and improve people-based metrics can result in a disengaged workforce, impacting organizational performance. Our tailored solutions address these pain points, offering a roadmap to transform culture, enhance collaboration, and maximize performance. Partner with us to unlock your organization’s potential, increase efficiency, and drive sustainable growth. 

Companies with Highly Engaged Employees Enjoy

41 %

Reduction in Absenteeism

41 %
17 %

Increase in Productivity

17 %
59 %

Less Turnover

59 %

Our Approach

We are here to help you create a people strategy that will enable you to execute your business strategy to successfully achieve your business results. In all our services, we gather and analyze data on key metrics to identify trends and areas for improvement, and present survey results to leadership and key stakeholders and collaborate on action plans to address employee concerns. Our approach is collaborative, meaning that we can customize our solutions to fit your company’s specific needs.

Our Organizational Effectiveness services include:


People Data Analytics & Employee Survey
Organizational Effectiveness Assessment

People Data Analytics & Employee Survey

What if you could use people data to understand or forecast how a choice such as hybrid policy, investment in training, or a change in organizational structure/new leaders would impact your company? Would you make decisions differently if you knew exactly what was contributing the most to major outcomes such as performance or morale? Leverage our expertise to transform your people’s data into a competitive advantage. 

People Data Analytics

Using the science of People Analytics, we can help you develop, conduct, and analyze people data related to performance, employee satisfaction, engagement, and other key metrics to make informed decisions about hiring, managing, and retaining talent. Using these insights, we will work with you to recommend the best way to move forward so you can achieve your goals, improve your operations, boost productivity, and enhance overall organizational performance.   

Employee Survey

Improperly crafted surveys can lead to inaccurate data, resulting in wasting valuable time and resources. Our expert People Strategy Consultants can work with you to create employee surveys that are tailored to your specific needs. We use evidence-based survey design methodologies to ensure that the surveys accurately capture the intended metrics, improve response rates, and provide you with the best data possible. We also conduct internal interviews with both executives and staff to gain a comprehensive understanding of relevant organizational challenges. By integrating these comprehensive insights, we can help you improve alignment within your organization, promote employee well-being, and enhance overall organizational performance.

Organizational Effectiveness Survey

Engaged employees play a vital role in fostering organizational effectiveness. When employees are highly engaged, they are more committed, motivated, and aligned with the organization’s goals and values. ClearPath’s Organizational Effectiveness Assessment is a proven product designed to evaluate your team and its level of engagement. This Assessment starts with the Leadership Team and can expand from there to a department or company-wide to see and obtain feedback from a broader perspective. The process starts with initial conversations, followed by companywide surveys, and concludes with targeted in-person employee interviews.  

The Survey

  • This Assessment starts with the Leadership Team and can expand from there to a department or company-wide to see and obtain feedback from a broader perspective.  
  • We will administer a series of surveys to gain insight into employees’ satisfaction levels and categorize employees into three categories based on their level of engagement. These customized questionnaires will highlight areas for improvement within your organization on four main categories: Strategy, People, Communication, and Results. 
  • In addition to our survey, we will also conduct structured employee interviews to obtain a well-rounded perspective on our organization. 
  • Our people strategy consultants combine all of the collected data, giving your company an Organizational Effectiveness Score on: Strategy, People, Communication, and Results. 
  • Finally, we analyze the gathered data and give the leadership team an Organizational Effectiveness Score. Using these findings, we dedicate ourselves to working closely with leadership to identify and implement effective strategies to boost employee engagement, reduce employee turnover, enhance communication, and achieve overall organizational success. 

Why Choose ClearPath?

Our People Strategy team have all had graduate school level training in statistics and data analysis, and their training in science ensures your company is getting research-backed methods, and not just the latest fad.