Organizational Health & Talent Optimization

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Align your business strategy and people strategy for maximum results.

Our holistic approach to Organizational Health and Talent Optimization approach allows you to tie in the right people to drive out your business strategy and accomplish the business results you look for as an owner. We believe that getting the right people on board is the first step to creating a healthy company.

Once your company establishes a business strategy, we utilize various tools to assess the current state of your internal organization and make strategic hires.

Establishing an environment where results and strategies are clear helps manage, and inspire current talent so your business can achieve maximum business results as fast as possible, and ClearPath has the approach to get you there.

Organizational Health Assessment

Design a team ideal for your business needs– using the Organizational Health Assessment and developing actionable strategies to get you there. The assessment will reveal your company’s ability to execute in 3 critical areas:



Communication/ Results

ClearPath customizes your assessment ensuring that your business strategy and people strategy are always aligned.

Through the assessments your company’s operational, financial, and any other business issue will be revealed. The process starts with our initial conversations with you, progressed to companywide surveys, and then concluded with targeted in-person interviews with your employees.

An Org Health assessment are best used before any transition from either you or one of your executives. The assessment will unveil who’s ready to take on your role or expose the organizational gaps within your company.

Together, we design a plan that aligns your employees, business strategy, and goals. With the organization health assessment you receive:

Customized questionnaire/survey

Interviews (both from leadership and employees)

Compiling data

Feedback and actionable strategies on how to improve their org health

Presenting plan and how to execute desired business results

Team dynamics is a tool used reveal what type of team dynamic profile you currently are. Using the tool you can determine which strategic hires that will balance out your organization.

As you make these strategic hires, your overall dynamics will improve helping your organization reach maximum results faster we focus on continual improvement and growth.

ClearPath is also a big proponent of utilizing Predictive Index both for current staff dynamics as well as to help with any future recruiting, onboarding, or managing needs. Understanding team dynamics and communication styles can reduce conflict and can also reveal potential gaps in skillset for company growth.

Recruiting & The Predictive Index

Hire the right people in the right seats.

The Predictive Index test allows your company to evaluate the cognitive abilities, personality traits and behavioral tendencies of a potential hire. This reduces your risk of a bad hire, costing your business time, money, and resources.

The Predictive Index is the penultimate tool in how we help you make the right hire, every time. PI helps you uncover what you’re looking for when you place someone in a specific role and what they’ll deliver measuring:

We work with owners and managers to understand what type of employees would do well in their department and help contribute to maximizing results. We also provide the management team tools they need to inspire they employees, creating a healthier more appealing work environment.

Job assessment creates a profile of desired candidate that would best fill the role. Our focus on candidate skill set, business goals, and culture help your company get the right person in the right seat. Creating a recruiting plan is an integral part of any hiring process.


Strategy can generally be defined as a plan of action to achieve desired results. Used here in our Organizational Health Assessment, strategy is a clearly communicated, agreed upon approach to work, growth, and success. It is the “how” of getting things done. Questions involving strategy in an organizational health assessment focus on internal operations as well as external transactions or plans.

When your people align with your business strategy you generate maximum desired results.

With the right direction and understanding, this helps keep everyone in the organization healthy and moving the business forward.

Orion Strategy – creating a clear picture of where the role can grow educates and motivates employees to stay with your company. Developing a career pathway or a clear map to advance their careers is a strategy we’ve used to retain and grow employees using Orion.

We define job requirements, identify ideal candidates for open positions, align teams to accomplish business goals, and effectively inspire employees for optimal results by:

For current employees– embedding them in your business Orion plan, allows them to make actionable individual efforts to help attain the overall company goals.

Allowing your employees to see themselves grow with your company in the next 3 years and aligning their personal plans and career goals with your company goals ensures retention.

Alongside the Predictive Index, we help develop career pathways for current and future employees. Educating the organization on both the direction of the company and their own career goals will build retention and development for your teams.

Discovering the type of employee profiles your organization would benefit from adding.

Consciously made future hires.

Retaining current employees that drive your business success.

Talent Optimization

Talent optimization gets to the heart of team issues. Understand where your team’s natural strengths and discover where opportunities lie, and take steps to improve team cohesion and crush your goals.

Discover – the areas you need improvement in to increase your value. We discover the status of your employee satisfaction by conducting a series of surveys. We create a custom questionnaire that will highlights areas for improvement within your organization. We also use this as a method of measuring how willing your employees to recommend their workplace to their family or friends:


Respondnets who gave a score of 10 or 9, extremely loyal employees to the organization, and spread a positive word around.


Respondnets who gave a score of 8 or 7, employees who are neither emotionally invested nor disengaged.


Respondnets who gave a score from 6 to 0, employees who are highly dissatisfied with the organization and spread negative word of mouth.

Employee satisfaction Survey also reveals how clear your strategy is and how strong your communication is as an organization.

As a company your biggest asset are your people, when they believe in your mission you create an environment where you inspire employees to work ashine individually and collectively give their best.

ClearPath can help senior leaders overcome common challenges and maximize strategic performance by crafting an aligned talent strategy; this is the essence of talent optimization. Together we can help you build a healthy sellable business whether you plan to sell or not.

People drive strategies to build healthy sellable business’ whether you plan to sell or not.

1. Take an Assessment

We’ll hear from you about your goals, what you’re looking for, and help determine which steps to take next. We’ll be the guide and you stay in the driver’s seat.

2. Align Your Business Strategy and People Strategy

Our hyper-customized plans for M&A allow us to move intentionally and with focus. Whether you’re trying to leave a legacy or start something new and exciting, we’ve got your best interests in mind.

3. Become Great Place to Work Certified

At the end of it all, a spectacular deal is waiting for you. We’ll celebrate with you and help you transition into the next part of your life with ease.