Orion Strategic Vision and Execution Program


Utilizing the output from the Painted Picture, we will work with you to establish the financial and non-financial goals of the owners for now, in one year and three to five years from now. We help you clarify and/or redefine your Core Values, Vision, Vision Platform and Mission Statement.

Orion Strategic Planner

We work with a you and your Executive Team to build out your goals and the objectives needed to achieve those strategic goals (including a People Plan).

We will have a specific timetable for accomplishing those goals and specific areas of responsibility and accountability (who will do what by when). The ClearPath team will then populate the Orion strategic planner to track the progress. Regular meetings with facilitation are critical to ensure strong participation, communication, accountability, and constant progress in the achievement of tasks leading to accomplishing the strategic goals.

Key Deliverables of an Orion Session

Help you set your own personal timetable, refine core values, and set the stage for building out strategic company goals for the next three years.

Help you clarify and/or redefine your Core Values, Vision, Vision Platform and Mission Statement.

Utilizing Predictive Index profiles will provide you with a Team Dynamic analysis to help us determine who to include on the Executive Team, identify any gaps, and learn how best to work with this team.

Facilitation of an Executive Team initial Orion session to set the key strategic objectives for the next year that will move the Company towards ownerships’ three-year vision.

Help you with your weekly Executive Team meetings (virtual or in person, 30-60 minutes each week)

Facilitation of additional quarterly planning sessions through the year.

ClearPath’s exclusive Orion™ Strategic Vision and Execution Program creates clarity and cohesion for everyone in your Company. Helping you build a healthy sellable business whether you plan to sell or not.

Simplifying the process is our speciality.

1. Schedule a Call

We’ll hear from you about your goals, what you’re looking for, and help determine which steps to take next. We’ll be the guide and you stay in the driver’s seat.

2. Develop a Plan

Our hyper-customized plans for M&A allow us to move intentionally and with focus. Whether you’re trying to leave a legacy or start something new and exciting, we’ve got your best interests in mind.

3. Celebrate a Spectacular Deal

At the end of it all, a spectacular deal is waiting for you. We’ll celebrate with you and help you transition into the next part of your life with ease.