Our Values

Every|One: We believe, today more than ever, it is important to include and respect each one of us

Our values deliver on our mission: Building sellable businesses through trusted relationships, not transactions.

Our History

Chris Crawford started our firm, ClearPath Business Advisors, Inc. in 2000 because he wanted to get away from the mixed agendas of the corporate world where people seemed too focused on lining their own wallets instead of doing what was right for the business and its customers. Too often he was faced with agendas and motives that were in conflict with his core values.

Chris wanted to create and build a company with no hidden agendas, with its sole purpose to deliver value for clients and have fun doing it.
In fact, the first name of ClearPath was “The Fun Company.” This was the name of a fictional company Chris and his two brothers created while they were in college together. Chris figured it was finally time to make it real.

While “The Fun Company” name didn’t stick around for too long, its purpose continued.

The “Great Recession” of the late 2000s was pivotal moment in ClearPath’s history. While all M&A activity came to a screeching halt, we were entrenched with our clients who needed our help more than ever. Our consulting work grew, where work was focused on helping clients navigate through the downturn by improving cash flow management, executing organizational change & cost reduction initiatives, and streamlining operations.

As a result, our clients became more profitable when the upturn happened, and M&A came roaring back. This is part of why 93% of our clients hire us back.

This period of time laid the foundation for ClearPath to be more intentional with our direction as a firm, both inside and out. Offering our clients project work, recurring work and M&A advisory work allowed our clients and us to thrive together in various economic cycles. What underlied all of this was the level of trust we gained with our clients through shared values. As a result, we set out to build a company culture centered around our core values of integration, convergence and service, building a team of executives and professionals who first and foremost live these values. And, as time passes, we became more in tune with recognizing how important it is to bring a spirit of inclusion and respect to everything we do – both within ClearPath and externally with our client partners. We refer to that as “Every|One”, because every person matters.

Today, ClearPath Business Advisors, Inc. is multi-faceted, high-end consulting & advisory firm delivering on our perspective that business owners should create a healthy, sellable business whether they plan to sell or not. And everything that builds a sellable business, creates a stronger business and a more balanced life for its leaders and teams.

We are a team of seasoned, multidisciplinary business executives with finance, accounting, operations, sales and legal expertise. We strive to become a part of our client’s teams, working closely and alongside business owners and their management teams.

We are also a firm with a heart, guided by our core values in creating high value for our clients while delivering on our promise of being a different type of consulting & advisory firm.

Ultimately, we just want to work with good people who could use our help. And have fun doing it.