Painted Picture

Business owners are busy running their companies. Between constant meetings, calls, emails, putting out fires, and trying to position the business for future growth, there is very little time to step back and look at their life holistically to see how the business fits into larger goals. Leading a business will have an impact on other areas of your life such as your friends and family, personal time and interests, philanthropic and/or spiritual pursuits.

All too often, we see these other areas of life become imbalanced when leaders do not take the time to formally lay out their business fits into their life.


Our Approach

The Painted Picture approach helps clarify and define what matters to you in terms of the future you desire. Accordingly, we recommend it as a pre-cursor to setting business strategy or exit planning.

We seek a holistic approach to the extent you desire – talking about goals that impact all aspects of your life – personal, family/friends, spiritual and professional. The emphasis is on the professional, and we will talk about the other areas as much or as little as you wish.

As part of the painted picture exercise, leaders complete pre-work which we review, and help set the stage for a 2-3 hour session. The goal is to outline a positive vision for the future – what would your business and life look like in an ideal setting in the next 3 years?


Listed below is a sample of the series of questions:

  • What level and type of involvement you want to have in your business at that date
  • What role and level of decision-making do you want to have in the years preceding?
  • Is it important to have anything of your legacy, values or brand left behind?

We avoid the topics of where you are today, or how to achieve the ideal goal.


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Principles Behind the Painted Picture

Painted Picture Graph

  1. All four areas must be in balance.
  2. You cannot be your best in any of the four areas, without being in balance in all four.
  3. This balance leads to convergence – the crossroad of your gifts, talents, passions, and purpose
  4. Convergence allows you to operate at your highest level and to feel fulfilled.
  5. Margin is essential; without adding time, we must create time for the things that matter most. Prioritize the things that matter most over things that matter. Then deselect or adjust.
  6. Focus – be intentional, proactive, and strategic in all aspects of your life, in all four quadrants

Our Track Record