Pat Wilkie

Director of Research and Analytics

Pat Wilkie Bio

My Predictive Index
The PI helped show me that my ideal workflow – fast paced, independent, creative, data-centric – might be fun for me, but can be stressful for others. One of the PI coaching tips I have found useful is to schedule regular times to collaborate, or just “check in”. With more opportunities to communicate, there is less “surprise” and less stress for my colleagues who thrive on dependable processes. Scheduled collaboration also forces me to slow down and consider important points of view I might otherwise miss. This small insight made the process more enjoyable for everyone and the work product better for the client.

Pat was drawn to ClearPath in early 2018 by the opportunity to solve puzzles like: “What is a private company worth?”, “How could we make it worth even more?”, and “What if we changed X?”

His focus is on answering those questions for our clients through Salability Assessments, Valuations, CFO engagements, scenario planning, and M&A advisory. He also supports clients and team members on projects with problematic systems and datasets.

Internally, Pat ensures ClearPath’s techniques for financial modeling, forecasting, process automation, and general data analysis are best-in-class. Additionally, he oversees our research efforts, including proprietary and third-party databases.

Prior to ClearPath, as a financial analyst and equities trader Pat leveraged skills including Python, SQL, and VBA to systematically value and trade public equities using a combination of fundamental, technical, and quantitative analysis.

Pat is an active member of the Cal Poly Pomona Alumni society and member of the Finance Alumni Advisory Board. In his spare time, Pat enjoys hiking, reading, baking, and traveling with his friends.

B.S. Finance – California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
Certified Management Accountant (CMA)
2021 CFA Level 2 Candidate

M&A projects advised: 8

❝I love that everyone at ClearPath truly cares about their clients. Aligning our goals and objectives with those of our client ensures that our work will always move them in the direction they want to go. A win for our client is a win for us.❞