A key piece in creating a healthy, sellable business is creating a plan to execute the key initiatives that have been identified and prioritized to move the business forward. You may already know the issues that need to be addressed, or they may have come out of ClearPath’s ClearView(sm) Assessment. Either way, you realize you can benefit from outside help and expertise in addressing the issue or executing on a key initiative.

There are many factors that go into determining a company’s value, and it can be overwhelming. We realize that every business is different, and every business owner’s objectives are personal. The most common ones we find in businesses like yours are 1) Finance Strategy & Cash Flow management, 2) Organizational Strategy & Goal Setting and 3) Revenue Generation Strategy & Management. However, we design our engagements to address the value drivers that are unique to your business.

420 %

Increase in valuation

420 %

We know how to do this because we’ve been in your shoes. We’ve been business owners, CEOs, COOs, CFOs and everything in between, so we understand how to make a company more valuable, providing realistic, specific and actionable recommendations that work, not just theory. In fact, executing on our recommendations has increased our clients’ value by an average of 420% during their tenure as our client, and are also informed by our experience in successfully closing 183 M&A transactions and advising on 150+ additional M&A-related projects since our founding in 2000.

Our work can be project-based, short-term. Or our engagements can they can be recurring, with ClearPath playing an interim role as CFO, COO or Head of Sales with a clear long-term objective in mind.