Getting the right people on board is the first step to creating a healthy company. Establishing a recruiting strategy is one of the most important tasks for business leaders, as it is the people who execute the strategy, and the people who strengthen a company’s culture.

ClearPath is here to help you recruit and hire through our recruiting service offerings:

Screening Plus

Screening Plus was developed by ClearPath as an alternative to traditional, high priced recruiting programs. We deliver qualified candidates directly to your hiring manager at a fraction of the cost charged by staffing agencies and headhunters. Designed for entry-level roles where a business is looking to hire multiple candidates, ClearPath casts a broad net and only passes along acceptable candidates for you to interview. Screening Plus delivers a very low cost per hire.

Executive Source

For senior-level roles where potential candidates may not be actively searching for a new role. A hands-on, customized approach required to attract the right executives. Building trust begins with initial contact and a high touch approach helps keep the best candidates engaged.

Organizational Health
ClearPath defines a company’s Organizational Health by its ability to focus on three things: Strategy, People and Communications.