Salability Assessment

Have you ever wondered if your company was worth selling? We combine data-driven insights, decades of experience, and an extensive network of partners and industry professionals to help you understand your unique position.

A Salability Assessment is a good fit for business owners who frequently wonder:

  • If I sold my business today, what would it be worth?

  • Should I be doing something differently to grow faster?

  • If I sell, how do I make sure my employees and customers are taken care of?

  • What should I change today to make my business more valuable in the future?

  • If I wanted to sell, are there any hidden issues that could kill a deal at the last minute?

  • My legacy matters to me – how do I make sure that a new owner will take good care of what I have built?

  • Even if I don't plan on selling today, what should I do to prepare incase I change my mind later?

  • Can I change things right now to pay lower taxes if I sell my business in the future?

Our Approach

Every ClearPath Salability Assessment checks how sellable your business is and gives useful advice on what you can do to make it better, considering economic and M&A trends. We help you improve your strengths, minimize your weaknesses, profit from opportunities, and reduce threats that could hurt your business through our Salability Assessment process.

Steps in our process include:

  1. Meeting with you to clarify your long-term goals and objectives
  2. Macroeconomic, industry-specific, and M&A market research
  3. Detailed financial analysis
  4. Facility tours and interviews with key leaders
  5. Analysis of your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats
  6. Valuation of the business in an M&A context
  7. Preparation of a comprehensive report and our conclusions
  8. Review of our recommendations and action plan with you




Every Salability Assessment Includes:

Salability Assessment by Business Function

Salability Assessment for each of the five defined segments: financial, people and organizational health, strategy, sales and marketing, and leadership and operations.


A range of what your business might be worth today, and in the future, by looking at similar businesses that sold. We will also show you what could happen if there are changes in profitability or revenue.

Recommendations to Improve Value

A valuation breakdown, clarifying and ranking the different pieces of your business and telling you how to make it more valuable.

Industry & M&A Market Analysis

A top-down analysis showing how the company is doing, how your industry is doing, and what is happening with the M&A market.

Conclusion of Current Salability

Conclusions and overall assessment if your business should be sold based on your goals and a prioritized list of the most important things you need to make it better.

Simple Plan to Improve Weaknesses

A simple plan that shows you how to build your healthy sellable business, whether you plan to sell or not.

Why Choose ClearPath?

ClearPath Business Advisors believes that business owners should build a healthy, sellable business whether they plan to sell or not.

As former CEOs, CFOs, and other executives, we understand the levers that drive value for businesses, and the obstacles that get in the way of increasing that value. When combined with our significant M&A transactional expertise, we provide an outside investor’s point of view.

Your path to a healthy, sellable business is waiting for you. Let’s walk it together.