Salability Assessments

Successful exits are about more than just valuation.

  • At ClearPath, we deeply understand the M&A process and how to maximize business value and maximize the probability of a deal closing with terms and a structure that meet the needs of its shareholders.
  • – Our multi-faceted Salability Assessment is customized to your shareholders’ objectives and can help you understand how to improve your current salability and valuation and other personal objectives such as legacy, employee and customer care, and whatever matters most to you.
  • If your goal is not to sell but to instead to create a sellable business that you continue to own without the day-to-day responsibility on your shoulders, we can help you with that too.
  • ClearPath understands how to position your company for maximum value and can also provide hands-on help to implement improvements prior to your target exit timeline.

Whether you plan to expand, merge, step back or sell your business, our core values deliver on our mission: building healthy, sellable businesses through trusted relationships, not transactions.

The ClearPath Salability Assessment

At ClearPath, we believe business owners should create a healthy sellable business whether they plan to sell or not. Have you ever wondered how salable your business is in the current marketplace? We combine data-driven insights, decades of experience, and an extensive network of partners and industry professionals to help you understand your unique salability position. Our salability assessment can help answer questions like:

  • How much could I sell my business for today?
  • Is my business truly sellable on terms I would accept?
  • In an exit, how can I make sure my employees and customers will be taken care of?
  • How can I identify and prioritize the drivers of value and influence them to enhance the value of my business?
  • Are there any unique and achievable growth opportunities my business is missing?
  • What are the value drivers and inhibitors within my business and how can I influence them to my best advantage?
  • What should my top priorities be – what areas of the business should I focus on right now?
  • If I wanted to sell, are there unknown problems that would stop a deal?
  • My legacy matters to me – how do I best preserve that in the hands of a new owner?
  • What is the difference to me selling to a strategic vs a financial buyer?  Selling a majority but less than 100% stake?
Every ClearPath Salability Assessment comes with tangible and actionable business recommendations in the context of our macro-economic and M&A outlook. We help you take advantage of your strengths, minimize your weaknesses, capitalize on your opportunities, and mitigate the threats to your business. We emphasize five key salability segments:

These five core segments give you deep layers of insight into your business’ salability, business health, and overall value in a real M&A context. Our deep-dive Salability Assessment report breaks each segment into insightful and actionable blocks packed with data, priorities, and recommendations. While the data is important, understanding your personal goals and weaving them into the transactional goals creates a new unique holistic perspective. ClearPath is here to help you execute the plan to make those goals a reality.

Over the years, we’ve been involved in almost 200 closed M&A transactions and another 100+ M&A projects involving Exit Strategy development and implementation. We leverage that experience to generate value-packed, actionable recommendations to help you grow.

ClearPath Salability Assessment Process

ClearPath combines decades of experience with client-centric practices to deliver realistic and insightful recommendations that have a tangible impact on your strategy and its successful execution. Build a healthy sellable business whether you choose to sell, or not.

Your Salability Assement involves the following steps:

The output of our process – your comprehensive and customized Salability Assessment report -will include:

  • Top-down analysis – Economic, Industry, and M&A Outlook 
  • Salability Assessment for each of the five defined segments – financial, people and organizational health, strategy, sales and marketing, and leadership and operations
  • Value Score CardTM – identifying and ranking qualitative and quantitative value drivers and inhibitors specific to your business
  • Valuation- range of value now and in the future with market comparables and impact of growth in revenue and margin on valuation
  • Conclusions and overall assessment of the salability of your business today in relation to the goals you have for value, terms, and legacy and the current M&A market – and our recommendations for the improvements and priorities that you need to do specifically to lead to a better outcome in your timeframe
  • Our Strategies and Execution Plan – a roadmap to show you how to build your healthy sellable business, whether you plan to sell or not

Are You Ready to Build a Healthier, more Sellable Business?

Our Salability Assessment gives you data and information – but it’s not just theoretical. We have the real-world business experience to help you transform your business. Our core-values ensure that we focus that experience on your personal goals – not ours – for business health, value, salability, and exit strategy.

1. Schedule a Call

We’ll hear from you about your goals, what you’re looking for, and help determine which steps to take next. We’ll be the guide and you stay in the driver’s seat.

2. Develop a Plan

Our hyper-customized plans for M&A allow us to move intentionally and with focus. Whether you’re trying to leave a legacy or start something new and exciting, we’ve got your best interests in mind.

3. Celebrate a Spectacular Deal

At the end of it all, a spectacular deal is waiting for you. We’ll celebrate with you and help you transition into the next part of your life with ease.