Scenario Planning

Mitigate Your Risks

Scenario planning is making assumptions about the future and how your business environment will change over time. We identify a specific set of uncertainties, or different “realities” of what might happen in the future of your business, helping you create a healthier business.

With clear visibility of the dependent and independent factors affecting your business, you can plan more effectively and create a strategy during uncertain times. Scenario planning allows your business to:

Determine which levers you and your team need to pull to shift your business

Have a deeper understanding of how to plan successfully for the future

Plan for the worst-case financial scenario

Develop a solid financial model

Our Scenario Planning Program focuses on 3 factors modeled over 3 scenarios

Cashflow Forecasting model: Developed on a weekly basis with history and details at a granular enough level and trend analysis (including trailing 12- and 3-month trends or shorter) to create a forecast. This way, you can anticipate what is happening and pull the trigger on decisions faster and more reliably, or course correct as facts change.

Business Forecasting of Revenue and Expenses: Predict the cashflow implications from your assumptions. It is critical that Business Forecasting be interactive with people in sales and operations. We understand how difficult it is to forecast sales in any environment. We can work through that using data and trend analysis, conversations, and scenario planning.

Strategic Prioritization (we call this Orion): Apply the insight gained from the forecasting tools to the strategic areas of your business to determine what you need to focus on now – over the next week, four weeks, eight weeks, 12 weeks, and beyond.

ClearPath’s Scenario Planning Program gives insight, understanding, warning, and direction, reducing stress for you and your team, allowing you to make better and more informed decisions, and minimizing the risks we are all facing during these times of so much uncertainty.

Simplifying the process is our speciality.

1. Schedule a Call

We’ll hear from you about your goals, what you’re looking for, and help determine which steps to take next. We’ll be the guide and you stay in the driver’s seat.

2. Analyze & Strategize

With the right financial strategy, your business will be able to weather any economic downturn.

3. Create a Sustainable Business

With the right financial strategy, your business will be able to weather any economic downturn.