Through our services, our multi-disciplinary executives help you develop
and execute a clear path from current to optimal state.

What We Provide For You ?

Targeted Consulting
  • Consulting Projects:
    –   EOS®, the Entrepreneurial Operating System
    –   Sales & Operations Planning / Sales Management
    –   Strategic Financial and Operations
    –   Value Realization Program
  • Recurring Roles:
    –   CFO, COO
    –   Leadership Coaching
Salability Assessment
  • Value Scorecard
  • Comprehensive assessment of the salability and current value of your business
Salability Program
  • A recommended program to visualize and optimize value at every point of your business
Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Valuations
  • Sell-Side transactions
  • Buy-Side transactions
  • Partnership agreements and buyouts

Our Core Services

targed projects
Targeted Consulting
  • Consulting Projects – short-term engagements with a defined set of deliverables within a budget.
    –   Orion – Strategic Planning & Execution
    –   Sales & Operations Planning / Sales Management
    –   Strategic Financial and Operations
    –   Value Realization Program (VRP)
  • Recurring Roles – part-time position with defined responsibilities and budget.
    –    Typical roles include CFO, COO, Strategic Sales, and Leadership Coaching

ClearPath’s Salability Assessment

A comprehensive assessment of the salability, and value of your business today, and its greater potential over the near term.

ClearPath’s Salability Assessment Includes:

  • Valuation
  • SWOT
  • In-depth financial analysis
  • Team assessment
  • Identification of value drivers, inhibitors, and risk factors
  • Owner’s personal goals and objectives – Painted Picture Exercise
  • Preliminary timeline, integration roadmap
  • A Value Scorecard to track and manage all of the above

ClearPath’s Salability Program

Develop, visualize, and execute a detailed “clear path” from current state to an optimal—sellable— future state, including:

  • Strategy & Execution: Reduced value inhibitors and risk; business scalability and growth
  • Finance: Improved cash flow / EBITDA performance and forecasting
  • Sales: Optimal revenue growth strategy and sales performance
  • Operations: Increase clarity and improvement on business segment profitability, operational efficiency and margin performance

Through the ClearPath Salability Program, clients have experienced a value increase of 4.2x over the course of the relationship.

Mergers and Acquisitions
ClearPath Merger & Acquisition Advisory

ClearPath brings real-world experience and market & transaction intelligence to our clients. With more than 300 M&A projects and transactions, ClearPath focuses on your personal goals and closing the deal that is right for you. ClearPath’s M&A Advisory Services includes:

  • Sell-Side transactions – management and execution
  • Buy-Side transactions – management and execution
  • Partnership agreements and buyouts
  • Valuations and go-to-market strategies
  • Painted Picture Exercise

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