Strategic Financial Leadership

Strategic Financial Leadership

As the Owner / CEO, it is critical that you have a full scope of your business’ financial goals and how to get you there:

  • With the right financial strategy, your business will be able to weather any economic downturn.
  • The financial leader on your team should bring you clarity and solutions to “what if” scenarios while deciphering what makes your business thrive.
  • With the right strategy your business will become scalable and sustainable and give you the insights you need to work with banks and future investors.

At ClearPath, we provide you with the tools you need to create more clarity within the organization and understand people, performance, and the potential of your business.

Why Our Clients Appreciate our Approach.

“Right from the start, there was a level of trust and investment in our company vision that was unique for an advising group. They have supported and grown our finance team, helped evaluate our supply chain and empowered us with tools and insight to drive our company’s value. They bring experience and strategic insight, while truly listening to what is needed. Even better is that they are so enjoyable to work with!”

Yasmin Kaderali
CEO Mommys Bliss
(Second generation owner)

Photo of Yasmin Kaderali
ACP Mommys Bliss

Fractional Part-Time CFO

Having a financial strategist to establish a plan that nurtures growth is crucial. With an experienced financial leader from ClearPath, we use our internal resources and outside network to get you the opportunities you deserve.

  • Our in-house resources allow us to analyze the financial health of your business and build a strategy that connects the organization.
  • Our analysts are equipped to provide you with strategies and plans to improve your business’ economic footprint.
  • We customize our approach to create success by providing perspective, future goals, and a strategy to achieve them.

Scenario Planning

With clear visibility of the dependent and independent factors affecting your business, you can plan more effectively and create a strategy during uncertain times. Scenario planning allows your business to:

  • Determine which levers you and your team need to pull to shift your business
  • Have a deeper understanding of how to plan successfully for the future
  • Plan for the worst-case financial scenario
  • Develop a solid financial model

Scenario planning can help you grow your business while mitigating the risks.

Budgeting and Forecasting

Owners should be able decipher their company’s budget and financial forecasting in tandem with scenario planning.

  • Through budget forecasting you’re able to create a more scalable and sustainable business.
  • Creating monthly and annual budgets provides a financial baseline and metric to help track monthly progress and growth.

Reliable forecasts and budgets are important for banking relationship and can help optimize capital opportunities.

Banking and CPA Relationships

It is important that you find the right investment company to stand by your side through turmoil, stability, and growth. The banker you started with may not be able to foster the growth you plan for your company.

  • As a partner, we ensure you are at your borrowing capacity to help with investment in your company.
  • Understanding, managing, and tracking bank covenants and financial ratios can help foster positive banking relationships.
  • Building a strategy with outside CPAs and broker sources are important to aid you in your financial goals.