Strategic Planning and Execution

Every business leader knows that business strategy determines how the organization moves towards its goals. Our Strategic Planning and Execution services are designed to create a clarity of purpose and alignment of incentives across your entire organization.

We accomplish this with the following tools:

Strategic Planning and Execution

Formerly called our “Orion” process, ClearPath takes a systematic approach to creating and executing strategy with our clients. We do this by helping you identify long-term objectives, developing a strategical plan with your leaders that will meet those objectives, and then tracking tactical goals and creating accountability from quarter to quarter.

Our Strategic Planning and Execution program is a fit for business leaders who find themselves wondering:

  • How can I hold my team accountable without micromanaging?

  • How do I translate my long-term vision into actionable goals for my organization?

  • How do I align my leadership team behind those goals?

  • What should my team be focusing on today in order to meet our long-term objectives?

Painted Picture

Business owners are busy running their companies. Between constant meetings, calls, emails, putting out fires, and trying to position the business for future growth, there is very little time to step back and look at your life holistically to see how the business fits into broad life goals. Leading a business will impact other areas of your life such as your friends and family, personal time and interests, and philanthropic and/or spiritual pursuits.

All too often, we see these other areas of life become imbalanced when leaders do not take the time to define the role that business should play in their lives. Our Painted Picture program is a fit for business leaders who are concerned that:

  • I'm often unsure about what strategic objectives my business should set in order to acheive my personal goals

  • I rarely take time to think about how my business goals are helping meet goals for my life holistically

  • I frequently feel that my life is unbalanced but I don't know how to fix it

  • I frequently feel that my time is not being invested well

Executive and Sales Incentive Plans

If you feel that the success of your business is not aligned with the performance of your top executives and salespeople, its time to refresh their incentive package. High level people shouldn’t be told what to do – they should be persuaded towards the actions and behaviors that will lead to the company’s success through their incentive plans and promotion pathways.

Our Executive and Sales Compensation services are a fit for business leaders who are concerned that:

  • My executives do not have financial incentives to increase growth or profits

  • I frequently feel that my sales or leadership teams are not "hungry" enough

  • My team does not seem motivated to hit the goals that have been created

  • I want my team to "think like an owner" by incentivizing them like one

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