Planning and Execution

Ensure Executable Strategies are in Place

As an Owner / CEO, it is critical that your vision and goals are clearly communicated to your leadership team. Understanding where you need to pivot the is key for creating a solid financial plan for unprecedented times like COVID-19.

Once you understand your Painted Picture and create and Orion Strategy, its time to develop a “What if “scenario plan that will allow you to understand key drivers in your company and how to predict better outcomes in the future.

This enables you as an owner to:

  • Grasp what parts of your business are “too” reliant on one sector.
  • Learn how to shift your focus based on these future likely outcomes.
  • Instead of waiting on results you can access how your business is performing at any given moment when you add an outlier.
  • Keep your business growing while understating the key performing indicators.

We develop a summary of value and add strategies on how to increase the value of your company. With this strategy we can create financial modeling to map out a variety of “What If” scenarios and pivot the business as needed. As an owner you will be able to determine if it is time to expand, change pricing, invest in marketing.

The more questions what are asked, answered and reviewed throughout each stage of your company the more informed you can be as an owner in making the best decisions for your business.

Having the right people in the right seats to execute this plan is crucial. Using our Predictive Index analysis and Team Dynamics Assessment, we identify gaps in organizational structure ensuring the team has the resources needed. This is also a great way to determine future leaders in the company should you choose to step back from day to day operations.

Simplifying the process is our speciality.

1. Schedule a Call

We’ll hear from you about your goals, what you’re looking for, and help determine which steps to take next. We’ll be the guide as you stay in the driver’s seat.

2. Create your Painted Picture

Our hyper-customized Orion Plan allow us to move intentionally and with focus.

3. Develop a Plan to Achieve your Desired Goals

At the end of it all, you have the plan and are better prepared for any economic downturn your company might face.