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Strategy and Execution

As the Owner / CEO, it is critical that your vision and goals are clearly communicated to your leadership team. You’ll be interested in our strategy if:

  • COVID-19 has shown your business needs a “what if” strategy and plan to weather any storm.
  • You want to understand key leading indicators and their effect.
  • You are interested in knowing what current and future success looks like for your company.
  • Setting goals for the next 90-120-360 days makes sense for your business plan.

Why Our Clients Appreciate our Approach.

ASB partnered with ClearPath to create a plan to have a sale transaction as an end game.  We started one year before the transaction.  ClearPath was instrumental in helping create a plan to sell the company and guiding us on the steps needed before we engaged with a buyer to maximize value for ASB owners.  Chris then created and drove the plan towards a sale.  Once we had an Offer, he coordinated the process of the sale between the accountants, attorneys, and owners.  A tremendous value.

Chris and the ClearPath team took the lead on the entire sale process and helped deliver a successful close.  This transaction would not have been as smooth without the guidance and council of ClearPath.


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Provide a Painted Picture

Being able to paint the bigger picture is extremely important when working with bankers and investors. With a painted picture your company is in better shape for:

  • Making the best investments and strategic decisions for your business.
  • Giving your employees the tools they need to understand the direction of the company and picture themselves growing alongside with it.
  • Creating a vision for 3,5 and even 10 years out and executing your strategies.
  • Incorporate strategies can incorporate growth for your team and creates a more cohesive atmosphere.

Business Strategy (Orion Approach)

Creating clarity within the organization allows you to zero in on key initiatives and set strategic goals to keep your company on track. We’ve created a system called the Orion Approach which:

  • Provides specific executable goals and incorporates your team members.
  • Encourages collaboration as a team to reach short- and long-term goals.
  • Brings in the key team members helps keep your company on track to reach each milestone.
  • Creates accountability and shows each person how they are involved with the day to day mission.

Planning and Execution

Understanding where you need to pivot the is key for creating a solid financial plan for unprecedented times like COVID-19. This enables you as an owner to:

  • Grasp what parts of your business are “too” reliant on one sector.
  • Learn how to shift your focus based on these future likely outcomes.
  • Instead of waiting on results you can access how your business is performing at any given moment when you add an outlier.
  • Keep your business growing while understating the key performing indicators.