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At ClearPath, we believe that business owners should create a healthy, sellable business whether they plan to sell or not. And everything that builds a sellable business, creates a stronger business and a more balanced life for its leaders and teams.

A key piece in creating a healthy, sellable business is to ensure your organization itself is healthy. We provide a variety of Organizational Health services that are proven to have real, practical results for company and teams. ClearPath defines a company’s Organizational Health by its ability to do three things: Strategy, People and Communications.

Strategy: Create a compelling strategy for the future and execute on it

  • Strategic planning and execution
  • Alignment between company, departments and teams
  • Matching owner’s personal goals with company goals

People: Attract, develop and retain the right people to execute the strategy

  • Targeted recruiting services
  • Organizational structure and design
  • Employee development

Communications: Maintain an effective communications plan that reinforces the strategy and core values

  • Internal communications and consistent messaging
  • Effective company and department meetings
  • Ensure vision and goals are understood by all