Many companies grapple with issues like communication breakdowns, project catastrophes, conflict, and reduced productivity within their teams. It is no secret that unhappy employees can sink an organization, and 86% of employees and executives cite a lack of collaboration or ineffective communication for workplace failures.  Dysfunctional teams are a company’s worst nightmare, they create stress for everyone at every level and can even drive away top performers. Not only do team dynamics put companies at risk, but so do the relationships between managers and their direct reports. By partnering with us, you can transform your teams into cohesive, high-performing units, leading to improved project outcomes and a more harmonious work environment. Don’t let people hinder your business’s growth—tap into our expertise to unlock your team’s full potential and create a workplace where your team feels seen, valued, and motivated.  

 When a company neglects people and culture, it can lead to disengaged employees, decreased productivity, and a tarnished reputation. 

Effective Teamwork and Collaboration Lead to

50 %

More Productivity

50 %
50 %

Lower Turnover Rate

50 %
17 %

Increased Job Satisfaction

17 %

Our Approach

People are complicated, but we make it our business to understand people so leaders can get back to running theirs. 

  • Effective teamwork is essential for success, and creating a great team is more than worth the investment 
  • When you realize the full potential of your teams and, by extension, you realize the full potential of your business.  
  • Our team of experts in psychology and organizational behavior will tailor research-based methods to uncover the root causes of team challenges, providing actionable insights to enhance collaboration, boost morale, and optimize performance.


Our approach to assist you in developing efficient teams and foster a postive culture includes:

Team Dynamic Analysis
People Tool Kit
Culture Assessment

Team Dynamic Analysis

Understanding team dynamics ensures efficient collaboration, accelerates project execution and enhances overall organizational agility. Employees who work in well-functioning teams tend to experience greater job satisfaction. They feel more engaged, valued, and supported. Happy employees are more likely to stay with the company, reducing turnover costs and maintaining a stable, experienced workforce. Our team is trained in Industrial Organizational Psychology and implements a short Predictive Index assessment to help facilitate self-awareness team awareness and recommend strategies for improvement based on each team’s unique goals. 

Know Yourself

Take the (free) six-minute Predictive Index Assessment to learn more about: 

  • Your own personality and how you work best. 
  • How does your leadership style affect your team?
  • How does your leadership style work with different team members’ personalities?


Know Your Team

Teams are not just collections of individuals; they are complex systems with unique dynamics:

  • Explore your team’s collective strengths and weaknesses.  
  • Learn about each team member’s unique way of doing things. 
  • Understand and optimize these dynamics, resulting in a team that achieves more together than the sum of their individual efforts. 


Know Your Strategy

We consider not only the team’s current state but also its future potential.

By addressing both immediate needs and long-term development, you’re more likely to create teams that can adapt to changing circumstances and continue to deliver results over time: 

  • Gain alignment on your team’s strategic objectives. 
  • Identify misalignment between the team’s abilities and its goals 
  • Get suggestions on what to do to close the gap and move toward success.  

Know Your Plan

Build a custom action plan with clear next steps to help your team members communicate and work together better: 

  • Target specific areas of improvement within the team that will have the most significant impact on overall performance.  
  • Know where your team is naturally strong, and when you might need extra help. 

People Tool Kits

It is true that people don’t quit jobs, they quit managers. Using the Predictive Index, we can empower managers to set their new reports up for success. This data transforms your managers into effective leaders who inspire teams, drive results, and navigate relationships with confidence.

Our People Tool Kit consists of: 

The Behavioral Assessment

This powerful assessment gives insight into what drives your team members.


A Relationship Guide

This guide will show the behavioral differences and similarities between managers and their reports. Based on this report, we can analyze relationships, strengths, caution areas, and recommend strategies to work better.  



A Management Strategy Guide

Every employee will respond to a manager differently. What if you knew the best way to manage your direct reports based on their personalities? We give managers unparalleled insights into their direct reports and strategies on how managers can best develop and work with each employee based on their individual behavioral needs.  


Manager Development Guide

Effective leadership is critical for success, yet less than half of managers ever receive training in how to manage successfully. Leveraging Predictive Index data, level up managers by providing customized development tips so they can lean into their behavioral strengths, be aware of caution areas, and be the best managers they can be. 


Job Fit Guide

It may be that an employee isn’t naturally aligned with the skills necessary to do their job. We can identify areas of misalignment in order to help you coach in areas where an employee might struggle.


Culture Assessment

Employees who don’t like their organization’s culture are 24% more likely to quit, and having highly engaged employees can lead to a 202% increase in performance. Conducting a cultural evaluation is a powerful way for organizations to assess their workplace culture. This systematic examination of the organization’s values, beliefs, norms, and practices provides leaders with valuable insights into any discrepancies, helps to strengthen the organization, and enables informed decisions to be made about the company’s future direction. At ClearPath Business Advisors, our mission is to help you build a healthy, sellable business whether you plan to sell or not. Our culture assessment uses a comprehensive approach, employing data analysis and a structured evaluation to identify culture gaps and potential conflict areas to help develop strategies to bridge gaps and cultivate a more unified and positive culture regardless of your intention.  

Company Culture Assessment (non-M&A clients)

Define the purpose and scope: 

  • Our trained consultants will work with leadership to identify the purpose and goals for the cultural assessment.  

Conduct preliminary research on both organizations: 

  • Evaluate the organization’s histories, values, operating styles, and practices. 

Data Collection: 

  • Collect data through employee surveys, interviews, focus groups, and observations. 

Data Analysis: 

  • Analyze the collected data to identify patterns, areas of concern, strengths, or misalignments in the organizational culture. 


  • Our people strategy consultants will prepare and present a report that identifies discrepancies hindering performance, teamwork, culture, and current cultural strengths. 

Action Plan: 

  • Involve company leadership in discussions on assessment results. Create an action plan to address cultural challenges and build on existing strengths to cultivate a more harmonious company culture.

Culture Integration Assessment for Merger and Acquisition Clients

Define the purpose and scope: 

  • Our trained consultants will work with leadership to identify the purpose and goals for the cultural assessment.  

Conduct preliminary research on both organizations: 

  • Evaluate the organizations’ histories, values, operating styles, and practices. 

Data Collection: 

  • Collect data through employee surveys, interviews, focus groups, and observations. 

Data Analysis: 

  • Identifies similarities, differences, and potential areas of cultural misalignment or conflict that may hinder goals or outcomes. Additionally, identify cultural strengths and positive aspects that can be leveraged and integrated. (ONA?) 


  • Our people strategy consultants will prepare and present a report with recommendations for integrating the cultures effectively. 

Action Plan: 

  • Collaborate with leadership to develop an action plan for implementing recommended changes. Assign responsibilities. Timelines and allocate resources. 

Our Track Record

Data-Driven and Research-Backed

Our team is comprised of consultants who combine real-world business experience with advanced education to back up their expertise in organizational psychology. Finding a personality assessment that stood up to their scientific scrutiny was no ease task, but are proud to be in an exclusive group of certified Predictive Index partners in the Bay Area. The Predictive Index is a data-driven assessment that analyzes personality, identifies team members’ strengths, and ensures that your people turn your business strategy turn into tangible outcomes.  

Holistic Approach

We advocate not only a data-driven approach but also a holistic approach, as teams do not exist in a vacuum. A holistic perspective takes into account the entire team ecosystem, including individual strengths, dynamics, and the broader organizational context. This approach allows for a more comprehensive understanding of challenges and opportunities, leading to more effective problem-solving. When you see the bigger picture, you can make informed decisions that benefit the team and the organization as a whole. By considering the team as an interconnected part of your organization and taking a proactive, comprehensive approach to team management, you can achieve sustainable success, foster innovation, and create an environment where your employees can thrive.