Valuations and Exit Planning

Having an Exit Plan and understanding the value of your business lets you prepare for change in a way that works best for you, your family, and your employees.

Our valuation and exit-planning professionals are trained to evaluate different strategies for business succession. We use real-world M&A experience to share insights into the salability of businesses and provide valuation services including to transfer shares of stock, satisfy tax or financial reporting requirements, or evaluate an acquisition.


Our valuation service is designed for you, your business, and the industry in which you operate. Unlike other cookie-cutter valuation firms, we understand every business is different and must be analyzed carefully. We take pride in the fact our research, modeling, and analysis is done in-house, and in-house only.

If any of these describe you, we can help:

  • I've been approached by a potential acquirer and I need to know what my business is worth

  • I'm considering buying another business and need to know what a fair offer is

  • My shareholders and I cant agree on a fair buyout offer or shareholder agreement formula

  • I need a business valued in order to secure financing

  • I need a valuation to transfer shares of stock my company to family, friends, or employees

  • I need to satisfy Section 409A requirements

  • I have a Stock Appreciation Rights (SARs) program and need to value the underlying stock

  • I have an ESOP and I need a valuation of the shares

Mergers and Acquisitions

ASC 805 (Purchase Price Allocations)

Valuing an Acquisition Target

Evaluating an Acquisition Offer

Dispute Resolution

Shareholder or Partnership Disputes and Buyouts

Litigation Support

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ESOPs and Equity Compensation

Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs)

Stock Appreciation Rights (SARs)



Gifting and Estate Tax

Section 409A

Section 338(H)(10)

Section 1060

Salability Assessment

Have you ever wondered if your company is ready for sale, or how much its worth in a real-world M&A context? ClearPath combines data-driven insights, decades of M&A experience, and an extensive network of partners and industry professionals to help you understand whether your business is transaction-ready and how much its worth.

  • If I sold my business today, what would it be worth?

  • What should I change today to make my business more valuable in the future?

  • Even if I don't plan on selling today, what should I do to prepare incase I change my mind later?

  • Can I change things right now to pay lower taxes if I sell my business in the future?

Every Salability Assessment Includes

Salability Assessment by Function

Leadership and Operations

Sales and Marketing








Value today

Value in the future

Value under different exit scenarios


Areas to Improve

Value-drivers to enhance

Risk factors to mitigate

M&A Market Analysis

Recent transactions in your space

Valuation multiple trends

Growth rates and profit margins at comparable firms

Current Salability

Overall conclusion of your salability

List of key findings

Action Plan

A simple, actionable roadmap

Build your healthy, sellable business


Exit Planning

Having an Exit Plan lets business owners prepare for change in a way that works best for them, their family, and their business. Our process shows all the different ways a business owner can leave their business. The options range from selling to another company, selling to the people who work for you, all the way to closing the business in a dignified way.

  • If I don't want to sell, are there other ways to transition my business?

  • Is it possible to sell my business to its employees or my management team?

  • I'm not ready to exit my business yet, but I'm curious - what are my options?

  • How much could I get for my business when I am ready to exit?

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