You might be looking for a valuation if:

You are interested in knowing if your business is worth enough that you can retire

You need the value of your business for legal, tax, or financial reporting requirements

You are interested in buying or selling a company, or offering equity-based compensation

ESOPs, companies with equity-based compensation, and companies using SBA loans for business acquisitions all require a valuation for financial and tax reporting purposes.

If you have thought about adding equity-based compensation to your business, a valuation is the best way to determine what your company and its shares are worth. Often, business owners are unaware that their business is worth much more than the cost of its assets.

Every business owner should know what their business is worth. Even if you do not need a valuation right now, you may wonder how to increase the value of your business and what you can do to appeal to buyers, bankers, and other investors.

At ClearPath, we can deliver a valuation report as well as insight into the key value-drivers you need to build a more valuable company.

  • A valuation report provides the information you need for tax and financial reporting requirements, equity-based compensation, or to see how you compare with other businesses in your industry
  • A valuation of your company also serves as a starting point on your path to a more healthy, sellable business
  • ClearPath has the strategic experience and financial expertise needed to help you increase company value, whether you decide to sell or not